What We Do The company is innovative in its field, combining computerized production planning and control systems.

  • Manufacturing

    The company has machining centers deployed on 3,000 square meters with 20 processing units & 4 and 5 axis which are running with CNC technology. Its uniqueness is the large processing center x: 3200 y: 2400 z: 1000 and a fourth axis with machining capability in 1000 mm diameter providing solutions for the largest…

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  • Production Planning and Control

    The Production Planning and Control department is in charge of the supply chain from the work order stage to the delivery stage, while maintaining preciseness in time tables for deliveries. We make use of an advanced ERP & financial systems to monitor the operation activity…

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  • Engineering

    The company’s engineering department offers the capability to design and develop products according to the customer’s specifications, using advanced engineering tools, and its top high quality production capabilities. Implementation of projects from…

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  • Logistics

    The logistics division is in charge of all the company procurement, while establishing a quality support and service to manufacturing demands, assemblies, Production Planning and Control and to all other divisions of the organization…

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  • Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Assurance department is top notch, which include a quality assurance manager. Our QA department is established on a 150 square meter area, with two XYZ digital machines & other peripheral equipment needed to…

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  • Assembly

    The company provides its customers, as part of its professional and high quality service,  with an advanced assemblies department that performs projects in FULL TURN-KEY level of subassemblies and assemblies starting from the developing…

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Rotem LTD 20 Years of CNC Excellence

Testimonials Clients statements testifying our qualification

  • Rotem Metal Work is considered by me and by many of my colleagues to be a top notch company who can handle complicated assemblies and technology. Whenever I needed them, they where there for us. you really feel like you can count on them to deliver!

    Mike Gleeson


  • I work with Rotem LTD for quite a while. I must indicate the great service and the professional accompany from the first time I worked with them. I do recommend you to work with them, you will never regret it!

    Oliver Murat


  • We work With Rotem over 7 years now. there is one truth to be said: you never change a winning team! Rotem LTD are escorting us with loyalty and professionalism. I can’t recall one activity that we weren’t satisfied from the outcome. I urge you, do work with them!

    Anna Proin


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  • HP

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  • Rafael

Rotem LTD 20 Years of CNC Excellence

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